Hi, I am Valentin Blüml, Photographer and Zoology Student. 

Photography is a way to express myself. It enables me to capture and show others the things I am experiencing. The outdoors and nature in general are my motivation, inspiration and source of calmness. My knowledge as a biologist about nature and its environment supports me when photographing the outdoors. My interest spawns from nature, landscape photography to fashion and theater photography. Mainly I am operating in Austria, but I love travel-photography and do it as much as possible. A great thing in photography is to work meticously on the photograph you wished for. 

Student Life
After finishing my BSc in zoology at the University of Vienna I started my masters in zoology. Currently I am working with a turtle species (Cuora mouhotii) for my masters thesis. This work includes highspeed cinematography and 3D-reconstruction. Throughout my time at the university I have accumulated a broad knowledge about anatomie and morphology of all big animal classes. This knowledge helps me study the morphological aspects for my master thesis. I am very pleased to have the chance to study such a rare species. 
Besides photography I like doing sports. Hiking and mountainbiking are probably my favourite ones. 
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